10 Digital Skills You Should Learn at College

College isn’t all about partying late into the night. College gradutes all over the world are getting ready for the working world. Most gradutes will take some form of corporate job. Chances are that you may not been fully digitally equipped to burst onto the corporate.

We decided to put together a short list of fundamental digital skills every college graduate should have. These are all things you can learn on your own and will give you an advantage over your peers that don’t have these skills.

Let’s get started:

Setting up Wi-FI

For most people, setting up their Wi-Fi involves putting in a password to connect to a network. Every college graduate should learn how to setup a basic network. This cna be invaluable if you decide to launch your own business. Even just generally speaking, it’s good to have basic knowledge of computer networking so you can do some basic troubleshooting, in any situation.

Backing up your data

All students should learn how to backup their data to the cloud. The currenct digital landscape is rife with hackers looking to steal any information they can get their hands on. With this in mind, it’s important to be dilligent with your data. You’ll want to back it all up to the cloud. This way, you can access your precious information from anywhere in the world. Even from your smartphone. Dropbox and Onedrive are two cloud data companies that you can use.

Photo editing skills

photo editing

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a photoshop genius after you graduate, it’s useful to know the basics. An increasing number of careers in industries like Marketing and Journalism require photo editing skills, more specifically photoshop editing skills. Get your pixelled paint brushes out!

Video editing skills

Similar to photo editing, video editing is another great skill to have. Again, it doesn’t need to be professional level. Mastering the fundamentals will take you a long way. Start with your native video creator app like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie and go from there. These applications have great support articles and how-to guides, so it’s the perfect way to get started.

Google Drive and Microsoft Office

These two things are hyper important. Google drive is increasingly being used to create and collaborate on work by companies all over the world. And Microsoft Office needs no introduction. It’s used by most businesses out there. Learning how to create a respectable Excel spreadsheet is a skill that needs to be learnt. Excel is surprisingly powerful, but only if you know what you’re doing. These software skills are being seen more often on job listings as businesses require people with expertise around Microsoft and Google’s suite of software products.

HTML and coding

coding skills

Almost everything we do is connected to the internet in some shape or form. You shuld at least have a basic understanding of website creation. Content management systems like WordPress have made it extremely easy to create websites. But anyone who owns a successful site knows there are always coding tweaks that need to be made in any situation. HTML5 is the standard language of the internet. Codeacademy is a brilliant place to learn some basic coding skills.

Creating a website

Leading on from the previous point, everyone should know how to register, host and configure a basic WordPress website. It’s a good idea to have your own personal website as a graduate. This can be really powerful for branding yourself and your services. Learning how to purchase, hist and cofigure a basic website isn’t difficult. A few hours on Youtube will have you equipped with the fundamentals.

Converting files

Sometimes you need to convert a file to a different format. An Apple pages document into a Word document for example. Knowing how to convert fiels is particularly useful. This isn’t really a skill to learn because you can easily download software to do this for you. Which is why you should download the software and have it on standby for when you need to convert files. It’s worth noting that many native applications take care of file conversions nowadays. That said, it’s still useful to know how to do this.

Online banking

Any students who don’t have online banking must have lost their mind. Online banking allows you to quickly check and manage your finances from the comfort of your own smartphone or laptop. You can keep track of transactions, transfer money and deposit cheque’s without going into branch.

Personal Branding

personal brandingCompanies research their prospective candidates through Google and social media these days. Aside from having your own personal website, it’s important to Google yourself and see what comes up on the first page. If you have anything you don’t want potential employers to see, make your your privacy are set correctly throughout your social media.




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