At AMG, we’re all about Digital Skills. We’re a small team of four, dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring people on all things digital.

We’re aware that most people don’t realise the implications of our ever-changing digital landscape. Technology is moving at a rate most people can’t keep up with and we’ve made it our mission to help empower you with digital skills that will service you for the rest of your life.

Digital skills are in high-demand and short supply, particularly in the UK and US. Not enough people are upskilling themselves and staying up to date with technology. Thousands of job vacancies are left unfilled because there simply isn’t enough supply to meet the demand of the market.

AMG operates on three fundamental principles:

Educate – people on all things digital economy and technology. Help raise awareness on topics of high importance such as cyber security, internet safety and cyberbullying.

Inform – people on how they can improve their digital skills by making a simple committment to learn them. Show them the amazing opportunities available to upskill as well as the benefits that come with it such as improved job prospects and digital intelligence.

Inspire – Who doesnt love a little inspiration? We aim to inspire people by showing them how amazing the digital landscape is. From opportunities to create widlly profitable businesses to open source applications and free information for the masses, these are unique times we’re living in, unique!

Why AMG?

We’re a little obsessed with the digital economy. We think the tinernet is absolutely fascinating. Nothing excited us more than discoving new and interesting things about the world wide web.

What really excites us is the opportunities we all have for building businesses. The fourth revolution has changed the way we do business forever, lowering the barrier to entry, making it more accessible and possible for so many people.

We also love how the digital world has enabled people from all walks of life to come together in so many different ways. It’s amazing how we can now speak to someone who’s half-way across the world without spending a dime, all thanks to beautiful technology!