Starting a Consulting Business From Scratch

Thinking of starting a consulting business?

Look no further. Starting a business in consulting can be one of the most lucrative businesses you can start without requiring huge capital.

It’s also a very efficient way to gain new digital skills while providing awesome services for clients you take on.

Consulting is a type of business that can be started and grown through using the skills you already have. This makes consulting unique to other businesses as you don’t need to spend months (or even years) learning and mastering an entirely new skill set.

Whether you’re in marketing, leadership coaching or big data, you can use your existing skills to create a wildly profitable consulting business.

This form of consulting was created by someone who stumbled into this business model, Sam Ovens.

Sam Ovens fell into consulting as he was trying to failing to make ends meet in his main business. At the time, consulting provided him with a way to make extra income to fund his main business venture.

But he quickly realised that this was an extremely lucrative way to run a business.

How to start a consulting business

Sam Ovens was astonished by his success and quickly realised that this was an untapped opportunity to create wildly profitable businesses.

So eventually he decided to attempt to show other people how to do the same thing. To his amazement, other people had incredible successes through providing consulting services.

Sam Ovens has now created a comprehensive course that shows other people how they can start consulting businesses.

Getting started in consulting only requires a laptop and an internet connection. You can get started with consulting without having a physical presence.

Many traditional consulting companies attend in-person meetings with prospective clients. The usual deal is to get to know the person over a few meetings then eventually close the deal.

But this type of consulting is different. You’ll be closing clients over the phone, and will have the ability to outsource the fulfilment of client work.

Why you should consider consulting

Starting a consulting business is probably one of the best ways to strike out on your own away from the 9-5.

With consulting, you can start an online business without paying thousands of dollars for things like physical space. The internet has provided us with the ability to do business and reach people globally.

That said, you will need a small amount of money to invest in the right training you need to get results.

Another reason you should consider consulting is because you can do this alongside your full-time day job.

You don’t need to jump off the cliff and quit your job before you get your first few clients. You can do this by making a part-time commitment.

The fact that you can start this alongside your full-time job makes it extremely powerful. You’ve almost got nothing to lose by starting this alongside your full-time job.

Sure, it might not work out for you but if it does then it could be truly life-changing.

In conclusion

Starting a consulting business isn’t rocket science. There are no crazy pre-requisites like a college degree or an MBA. The only thing you need to know is how to get someone from their current situation, to their desired situation.

Once you know that, you can position yourself as the vehicle to your buyer’s solution.

It’s worth spending some time ensuring you can actually get results for your clients. Some people go into business and are so focused on getting the clients, they totally forget about actually doing the work!

You must be able to carry out the work as promised, otherwise you’ll end up with clients that stay as client for a motnh or two before leaving you.

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